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Are You Thankful for Pickleball this 2021 Thanksgiving?

News Stacie Townsend 11-25-2020

This 2021 calendar year, we are thankful and grateful for the good in our lives. With Thanksgiving upon us, we at Pickler are certainly thankful and grateful for the sport of pickleball and everything that the sport of pickleball brings. In particular, we are thankful for: 

Pickleball Popularity and Positivity

  • Being a part of the fastest growing sport in the country, which the popularity of pickleball continues to grow even in the global pandemic;
  • A socially distanced, outdoor activity that you can continue to play with the right precautions;
  • Paddle taps for good games and good points;
  • An activity that connects multiple generations of players – from kids to parents to grandparents – and offers a way for generations to connect and play together;
  • Pickleball partners that quickly become your friends that then become your family;
  • A game that is inexpensive to play and easy to learn;
  • A sport that you can play with your friends and family year-round;
  • A sport that you can play for a lifetime – from a child to an adult to a senior;
  • Bringing a diverse group of people together, who are of all ages, skill levels, and backgrounds – all to play a game of pickleball;
Pickleball Paddle Tap | Thankful for Pickleball | Pickler Pickleball

Self-Improvement Through Pickleball

  • The ability to play to make room for a second serving of Thanksgiving dinner;
  • A sport that has been proven to help you live longer;
  • Great physical exercise that is so fun that it does not feel like exercise;
  • Improving balance and hand-eye coordination on the pickleball court;
  • A game that challenges you mentally, requires great strategy, and can even improve your cognitive abilities;
  • A healthy way to relieve stress – hitting a small ball with a paddle can be quite satisfying;
  • Engaging in a new community full of people of diverse backgrounds;
  • Lots of laughter on the pickleball court;
  • Great friendly competitions, which may even include winning a medal at a pickleball tournament;
  • The ability to improve your skills and increase your pickleball rating (called a UTPR) and ranking;
  • A sport that increases your happiness;
Pickleball Player Hitting Pickleball | Thankful for Pickleball | Pickler Pickleball

Good Days on the Pickleball Court

  • Days on the pickleball court where you always remember the score;
  • Days where your serves always find the correct service box, and your returns of serve always find the pickleball court;
  • Days where the referee only calls foot faults on your opponents, and not on you or your partner;
  • The ability to avoid a Nasty Nelson attempt;
  • Days where your drop shots always find the Kitchen (or Non-Volley Zone);
  • Shots that clip the net cord for winners (sorry, not sorry);
  • Days with no wind to mess with the pickleball;
  • Days where the pickleball does not crack or break;
  • Hitting an Erne or an around-the-post (ATP) shot;
Pickleball on the Line | Thankful for Pickleball | Pickler Pickleball

Other Pickleball Moments to Be Thankful For

  • The satisfying sound of the pickleball hitting a pickleball paddle;
  • A reason to see your pickleball friends, which includes every “workout” and every pickleball tournament;
  • Finding new permanent pickleball courts near you;
  • Great pickleball players that use the sport as a vehicle to raise money for charities;
  • Great pickleball organizations that are dedicated to growing the sport of pickleball, like the USA Pickleball Association; 
  • Pro pickleball players that inspire you to play better pickleball, like Ben Johns, Simone Jardim, Leigh and Anna Leigh Waters, Tyson McGuffin, Lucy Kovalova, Kyle Yates, Jessie Irvine, Matt Wright, Irina Tereschenko, and Riley and Lindsey Newman; and
  • The incredible pickleball community that shares our love for pickleball and supports our goal to spread the power of pickleball and positivity. Thank you for every read, connection, and engagement with our Pickler blogs and content, and otherwise supporting Pickler. As we look to the holiday season and to 2022, we at Pickler promise to continue to spread the power of pickleball and positivity. We hope you join us. #spreadpickleball&positivity

What are you thankful for this 2021 Thanksgiving? Are you thankful for pickleball? We hope you make it out onto the pickleball courts and make it a great day! Happy Thanksgiving!


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