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Secure Your Spot in the YMCA Mid-East Regional Pickleball Tournament

The YMCA Mid-East Regional Pickleball Tournament is a must-attend event for all pickleball enthusiasts! Register by June…

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Eva Welsher Named as Tournament Chair of US Open Pickleball Championships

Pickleball legend & Collier County resident Eva Welsher to take on an active role in the future of Pickleball’s most prestigious…

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Mark Peifer

Q&A – Foot Faults and Fairness

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Murmurs from the Losers’ Bracket

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Frank Cerabino

A Disgrunted Response to the Latest Pickleball Noise Complaint 

The ongoing battle between tennis and pickleball is quite the racket! A recent Wall Street Journal article delves into why…

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7 Tips to Beat the Heat and Your Opponents on the Pickleball Court

Playing pickleball outdoors in the heat and bright sun can present some unique challenges, but with the right preparation…

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Headlines from the court

🎵Take me out to the ball game… The Detroit Tigers are hosting their first Pickleball Day! Experience the excitement of the game and take home a piece of the action with a ​custom Tigers Pickleball Paddle​. ⚾

Pickleball is taking over the world, and most recently, Las Vegas. 🌎The ​World Pickleball Convention​ took place in Las Vegas June 6-9, bringing pickleball lovers and players together for an action-packed weekend all about America’s fastest-growing sport.

Feel good, play good! The Saint Louis University TIP Lab is kicking off a project to ​reduce pickleball injuries​ and study the health benefits of the sport. 💪

First Doubles Victory for Staksrud and Patriquin

The PPA Tour headed to Dallas for the PPA Texas Open. Men’s singles featured a slew of initial upsets, but the top players still managed to come out on top with Ben Johns taking the gold and reclaiming the #1 spot on tour. Women’s singles featured a pro-packed semi-final with an uncharacteristic loss by Anna Leigh Waters. Lea Jansen ultimately earned the gold medal over Salome Devidze. Anna Leigh Waters was still able to claim the double double with the gold in women’s doubles with Catherine Parenteau and in mixed doubles with Ben Johns. JW Johnson and Dylan Frazier claimed their third straight gold medal on tour in men’s doubles. 

The Tour then headed to the west coast for the PPA Sacramento Open June 5-9. With Ben Johns not participating in men’s singles for this event, Federiko Staksrud secured the gold medal. With a gold medal in men’s doubles with partner Hayden Patriquin, Staksrud was able to claim the double double at the event. The doubles gold was a first for both Staksrud and Patriquin. Back on the medal stand in women’s singles, Anna Leigh Waters claimed her 26th triple crown.

For a full recap on these events, check out the following:

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for more pro pickleball action in June! 📆



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