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YMCA Mid-East Regional Gold Medalists Receive Special Invite to the US Open

Thanks to the YMCA Mid-East Regional Pickleball Tournament, 62 athletes have earned a coveted spot to compete in the 2025…

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The Minto US Open Pickleball Championships Selects DUPR as Exclusive Ratings Partner

The Minto US Open Pickleball Championships announced that they have chosen DUPR as their exclusive ratings partner. Each…

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Rules Refresh

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Out Too Late

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Murmurs from the Losers’ Bracket

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Attention Pickleballers: Be on the Lookout for “Ball Blowers”

Every year, USA Pickleball entertains a slew of new rule-change requests. It’s hard to believe that there could be more wacky…

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Quick Tips

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Master the Baseline Game

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Headlines from the court

Is access to a pickleball court a must-have on your vacation destination checklist? This list of amazing destinations will not only satisfy your pickleball craving but also provide that extra “wow” factor! 🤩

Pickleball is reaching new heights in Dallas, Texas. Throughout the month of July you can play “Pickleball in the Sky” on the highest pickleball court in the world – 48 stories high to be exact! 

Mark your calendar for the National Mall of Pickleball! 🇺🇸 Play the game you love on America’s Front Yard September 27-29, 2024. This year the event is searching for pairs of picklers from different generations who have connected over pickleball. ​Submit your story​ for a chance to play on Center Court and receive an all-expense-paid trip to the National Mall of Pickleball. 👏

New Number Ones

The PPA Tour was back in action with the Orange County Cup 🍊 and delivered some major upsets in San Clemente, California, specifically in the men’s brackets. The APP’s #1 player, Christopher Haworth, claimed the gold medal 🥇 in men’s singles, topping Ben Johns and the current #1 seed, Federiko Staksrud. JW Johnson and Dylan Frazier had more than one reason to celebrate. Not only did they take home the gold in men’s doubles, but with this win, Dylan Frazier earns the #1 ranking for men’s doubles and JW Johnson claims the #3 spot. With that, Frazier and Johnson will become the new #1 ranked team. 💪 Anna Leigh Waters had another clean sweep taking home yet another triple crown.

The APP Tour traveled to California the following weekend for the Newport Beach Open. After his PPA victory, Christopher Haworth remained on top with another gold medal in men’s singles. 👏 Megan Fudge had a banner weekend, taking home three medals: a gold medal in women’s singles, a gold in mixed doubles with partner Jack Munro, and a silver in women’s doubles with partner Jill Braverman. 🥇🥇🥈 Yana Newell and Emily Cederquist took the gold in women’s doubles. Eric Lange and Max Manthou also had reason to celebrate as their gold medal in men’s doubles was the first ever professional gold for either partner.

For a full recap on these events, check out the following:

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for more pro pickleball action in July! 📆



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