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The Pickler Partners with Kitchen Talk: Pickleball Edition to Serve Up Pickleball Interviews

The Pickler is excited to announce our partnership with Kaitlin Miller and her podcast, Kitchen Talk: Pickleball Edition….

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Pickle4 Team

What is the “Progression Draw” Format in Pickleball?

Common in tennis tournaments, the progressive draw format is making its way to pickleball. The PPA Tour is using the progressive…

5 min read

Rules Refresh

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Hit a volley serve below your waist with the top of your paddle head below your wrist.


Mark Peifer

Q&A – Where’s the Waist?

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Murmurs from the Losers’ Bracket

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Frank Cerabino

Mastering the Diplomacy of Round-Robin Scheduling 

If you’re organizing a round-robin for a fun session of rec play, you’re going to need more than a spreadsheet to get…

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Strategy & Technique

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Five Tips for Avoiding Pickleball Injuries


Frank Cerabino

Five Tips for Avoiding Pickleball Injuries

Stay injury-free on the pickleball court with these expert tips from physical therapist and athletic trainer Dr. Elizabeth…

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Headlines from the court

👶Check out the E*Trade baby’s appearance during the airing of Super Bowl LVIII. This time he has a new hobby…
Two pro pickleballers have joined the ranks of SportCenter’s Top 10 for their must-see shots. Federico Staksrud came in at number 5 while James Ignatowich claimed the top spot. 🙌
Tensions were high and the competition was fierce during Pickleball Slam 2. 🔥 Four former world No. 1 tennis players battled it out on the courts with Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf ultimately defeating John McEnroe and Maria Sharapova to claim the $1 million prize. 🏆 
Singles Shake Up

The PPA Tour headed to Phoenix, AZ for the Desert Ridge Open. 🌵 Men’s and women’s singles received somewhat of a shake up with Jaume Martinez Vich triumphing over Ben Johns to ultimately claim the silver medal.🥈Although Ben Johns was defeated in men’s singles for the second event in a row, he claimed the gold in mixed doubles with the help of Anna Leigh Waters, and in men’s doubles with brother Collin. With Catherine Parenteau sitting out the women’s singles event, Mary Brascia earned the silver and Kaitlyn Christian earned the bronze. Anna Leigh Waters continued to dominate as she earned her 24th overall triple crown during the event. 👑

For a full recap on this event, check out the following:

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for more pro pickleball action in February! 📆



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