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Where Can I Find Information About Pickleball?

News Stacie Townsend 06-13-2020

To find information about pickleball, visit Pickler at In particular, check out the articles and posts in Pickler’s Pickleball Basics and Pickleball Blog. In these articles and posts, you will find answers to common questions about the sport of pickleball, as well as tips for the court, spotlights on people in the pickleball community, and even discounts for pickleball paddles, clothing, and other gear and apparel.

If you cannot find the information about pickleball you are looking for, reach out to Pickler anytime by emailing We will do our best to help!


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Stacie Townsend

Can Celebrities Boost Pickleball Growth?

What could celebrities do for the growth of the sport of pickleball?

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Stacie Townsend

Welcome to Pickleball, Walmart Shoppers

Walmart has discovered pickleball. America’s largest retailer will be introducing pickleball opportunities to the millions...

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Stacie Townsend

How to Hit the Most Difficult Shot in Pickleball: The High Backhand

The high backhand shot in pickleball is often considered one of the most difficult shots because it requires a combination...