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Pickleball Friends Improve Your Health

by Stacie Townsend

Pickleball Friends Improve Your Health | Pickler Pickleball

Pickleball is such a special sport because of the community surrounding pickleball. By picking up a pickleball paddle, you will undoubtedly make new friends and foster relationships that go well beyond the pickleball court. These relationships, founded on the sport of pickleball, will have tremendous effects on your health, as people who have strong social connections and relationships (1) have better health, (2) live longer, and (3) are happier.

More specifically:

  • If you have ever laughed with a pickleball player on the pickleball court, then you increased your immune system, improved your brain function, increased your blood flow and respiration, and improved your blood pressure.
  • If you have ever high-fived, fist-bumped or even hugged a pickleball friend on the pickleball court, then you reduced your stress, decreased depression, and improved your heart's healing process.
  • If you have ever celebrated a point or a win, or even a milestone like a birthday, with a pickleball player on the pickleball court, then you improved your heart function, reduced your stress, and improved your hormonal, cardiovascular, and neurological functions.

In other words, play pickleball, laugh on the pickleball court, and celebrate your love of the sport of pickleball with your friends. If you do that, you will (1) improve your health, (2) live longer, and (3) be happier - who doesn't want that? Play more pickleball!

Reference - J. Guenther 2016, Why Healthy Relationships and Are Good for Your Heart (+3 Ways to Cultivate Them), Johnson Fitness

    Stacie Townsend
    Stacie Townsend


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