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The Power of Placement

Quick Tips Pickle4 Team 06-27-2024

Power is impressive on the pickleball court and, let’s admit it, it’s fun, too. However, hitting the pickleball hard can sometimes be counterproductive when you are looking to attack a pickleball. Hitting the pickleball hard without control can lead to hitting the pickleball out of bounds or hitting it in a spot that is easy for your opponents to return. With that in mind, think placement over power!

Placement of your attack will be dependent on what opportunities you have on the pickleball court. For example, if the pickleball is hit high above the pickleball net you can hit down on the pickleball to be aggressive and offensive on your attack. To note, the most obvious shot is usually the right shot for you to take. Simplicity usually wins the point. No matter the situation, what will really hurt you is if you make unforced errors by hitting the pickleball out of bounds—in other words, by “going for” too much by hitting with too much power. Every pickleball player and every pickleball point is different, so it is important to evaluate the players and point in front of you. 


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