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Stacie Townsend

How to Hit the Most Difficult Shot in Pickleball: The High Backhand

The high backhand shot in pickleball is often considered one of the most difficult shots because it requires a combination...


Stacie Townsend

What Is the Tomahawk Shot on the Pickleball Court?

A Tomahawk shot is a relatively new shot on the pickleball court that is most commonly used to put away a high overhead to...

5 min read


Stacie Townsend

How to Defend Against the Chicken Wing Attack on the Pickleball Court

Have you ever experienced a “chicken wing” attack from your opponents? Learn how to defend against these tough attacks...

5 min read


Stacie Townsend

What Constitutes “Inappropriate” Attire in Pickleball: Rules Debate from Top to Bottom

The rules of pickleball are one of the most debated issues in the sport. For instance, pickleball players have weighed in...

12 min read


Stacie Townsend

Play Points Before It Counts!

1 min read

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