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The Pickleball Dictionary: Pickleball Terms that Start with the Letter “A”

Strategy & Technique Stacie Townsend 11-26-2019

Pickler created The Pickleball Dictionary, which includes all of the common terms, phrases, words, people, and organizations found in, on, and around the pickleball courts. Get your FREE copy of The Pickleball Dictionary today!

Pickleball Terms that Start with the Letter “A”

The pickleball terms, phrases, words, people, and organizations that start with the letter “A” include:

AccuracyPickleball is a game of accuracy and consistency—which player or which team can make the fewest amount of unforced errors on the pickleball court? If you can be more accurate and more consistent, and reduce your unforced errors, your pickleball game will certainly skyrocket.

Ace – An ace is a serve that is unreturnable. In other words, a winning serve!

Adam Stone – Adam Stone is a pro pickleball player that has won multiple medals at tournaments across the country, including the USA Pickleball National Championships and US Open Pickleball Championships. Adam is a former tennis player and coach, as well as a former professional poker player.

Addictive – Various pickleball surveys indicate that people who play pickleball tend to play exceedingly more than when they first started. This indicates that, if you can get a pickleball paddle in peoples’ hands, they will generally start playing and become passionate Picklers!

Advanced – Pickleball players with great skill, strategy and understanding of the game are advanced players.

Ageless – Pickleball is ageless. Pickleball does not care about a player’s age and is a rare sport or game that you can play for your entire life.

AggressiveTo be aggressive on the pickleball courts means that you are on the attack of your opponents. In other words, you are being offensive and going for offensive shots.

Alex Hamner – Alex Hamner is a pro pickleball player that has won multiple medals at tournaments across the country, including the USA Pickleball National Championships, the US Open Pickleball Championships and the Tournament of Champions. Alex is commonly known to team up with long-time friend, former tennis partner and pro pickleball player, Jennifer Lucore. Alex is also a 2020 inductee of the Pickleball Hall of Fame.

Ambassador – An ambassador is a volunteer of the USA Pickleball Association that promotes pickleball in their local community. Did you know that there are over 1900 ambassadors for USA Pickleball?! These ambassadors are one the driving forces that have caused the explosion of pickleball over recent years. Do you know your local ambassador?

Andrea Koop – Andrea Koop is a pro pickleball player that has won multiple medals at tournaments across the country. Andrea is also one of the founders of the Beer City Open, which is pickleball tournament held in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Angles – It is important to pay attention to angles on the pickleball court. Angles to place the pickleball on the court can lead to winning shots, so it is important to take advantage of angles that you might have and to minimize your opponents’ angles.

Anna Leigh Waters – Anna Leigh Waters is a teenage pro pickleball player and absolute phenom on the pickleball courts. Anna Leigh’s first tournament was in November 2017 at the Delray Beach Pickleball Open where she took gold with Pickler Founder, Stacie Townsend. Since then, she has frequently been atop the podium with her mother, Leigh Waters, including their latest victory at the 2019 USA Pickleball National Championships! Anna Leigh is certainly one to watch!

APP Tour – The Association of Pickleball Professionals (APP) is the first USA Pickleball sanctioned tournament tour for both amateurs and professionals.

Arlen Paranto – Arlen Paranto invented the first composite pickleball paddle using material from Boeing airplanes. Arlen’s invention is the basis for much of today’s pickleball paddle technology. Arlen was inducted into the Pickleball Hall of Fame in 2017.

Aspen Kern – Aspen Kern is a pickleball pro that is no stranger to the medal podium in large events. Aspen is also known for his operation of The Pickleball Forum on Facebook, which is a group with over 30,000 members that discusses all things pickleball.

ATP – ATP is an acronym for “around the post.” An around the post shot is a specialty shot in pickleball where you hit the pickleball under the top of the pickleball net and around the post of the pickleball net. An ATP typically happens when a player hits “too good” of a shot, meaning that a player hits a shot with a sharp angle that causes the pickleball to travel across and off of the pickleball court. However, when this happens a receiving player can chase down the pickleball and be so far off the court that the receiving player has a clear, unobstructed view of the other side of the pickleball court and the ability to hit the pickleball around the net post and into the other side of the pickleball court.

Attackable Shot – Always be on the lookout for an attackable shot (in particular, an attackable dink). Attackable shots allow you and your partner to go on the offensive and likely win the point. Be a hunter and hunt those attackable shots!

Attitude – You attitude is important on the pickleball court, as your attitude can be contagious for your partner. Your attitude can also help you gain more friends. Check out Pickler’s e-book, The Pickleball Mental Edge: Learnings from Pickleball Pros and Pickleball Enthusiasts to Improve Your Pickleball Mental Game, for some tips to improve your mental game (including attitude) on the pickleball courts.

Do You Know Any Additional Pickleball Terms that Start with the Letter “A”?

Do you know any additional pickleball terms, phrases, words, people, or organizations that start with the letter “A” to add to The Pickleball Dictionary? Share with us in the comments below!

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