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The Case For Drilling

Quick Tips Stacie Townsend 10-03-2022

Most pickleball players shy away from drilling, as they are ready to jump straight into a game. However, if you want to improve and elevate your skills, consider drilling (i.e., doing repetitive training activities to simulate a specific action or shot on the pickleball court).

Drilling can help you develop proper technique, improve your consistency, and accelerate your learning curve—especially if you have a coach helping critique you as you go. Further, drilling will help build confidence when jumping into a game, tournament, or other competitive, more stressful situation. Some professional pickleball players emphasize drilling so much that they do not even play recreational games. Rather, they only drill (to get the most out of their time on the court) and then play competitively when they are in a tournament. So, do as these pros do, and commit to drilling. And, if you do drill, emphasize quality on every shot and practice with a purpose.


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