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Play Big At The Kitchen

Quick Tips Stacie Townsend 10-31-2022

When you have the advantage of controlling the Kitchen line, continue to hold the line and apply pressure on your opponents. Stay aggressive, play big, and don’t back down… just like AJ Koller in the point below against the Johns brothers. ‍♂️


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Stacie Townsend

"A Great Pickleball Strategy If You Want to Lose": Rips from the Midcourt

Pickleball commentator Adam Stone asked the “GOAT” of pickleball—pro Ben Johns—if he thinks that a hard and low rip...


Stacie Townsend

How to Qualify for the 2021 USA Pickleball National Championships

There are a ton of questions around qualification and registration for the USA Pickleball National Championships—especially...

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Stacie Townsend

Slide With Your Partner

2 min read