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Slide With Your Partner

Quick Tips Stacie Townsend 04-18-2022

On the pickleball courts, it is imperative that you stay linked with your partner and work together as a team. If you move right a few steps, your partner should move right a few steps. If your partner moves left a few steps, you should move left a few steps. If you and your partner do not stay linked and do not move in tandem, you will find yourselves leaving large open spaces for your opponents to take advantage of, or may miss opportunities for easy put away shots (which does not happen to pickleball pro, Riley Newman, in the video below , as he properly slides with his partner, Matt Wright).

To note, you may have to leave some open space on the sidelines of the pickleball court. However, any open space on the sidelines is a low percentage shot (in other words, a difficult shot) for your opponents, and your opponents will risk hitting the pickleball out of bounds. You will cover more room on the pickleball courts by staying linked and be much more successful as a team—like the pickleball pros in the video above.


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