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Stacie Townsend

Frustrate Your Opponents with this Pickleball Shot

Pro player Hurricane Tyra Black implemented an uncommon strategy during a recent tournament to frustrate her animated and...

4 min read


Frank Cerabino

Coming In from the Heat

As the summer heat rages on, Murmurs from the Losers' Bracket takes a hard look at outdoor versus indoor pickleball. This...

10 min read


Stacie Townsend

Is a Sidearm Serve Legal in Pickleball?

At times, there can be disputes on the pickleball court around the rules of the game. One common dispute is on the legality...


Stacie Townsend

Have You Seen This Pickleball Shot? Try the Fake Out!

Have you ever seen or heard of a fake-out shot on the pickleball court? Learn what the fake-out shot is in pickleball and...

3 min read


Stacie Townsend

Play Points Before It Counts!

1 min read

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