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Net Post = Rally Killer

Rules Refresh Stacie Townsend 12-26-2022

The video below shows a point from a women’s doubles match at the PPA Hertz Championships in Orlando, Florida. In this point, pro player Anna Bright winds up for a forehand attack that lands in the other side of the court, but not before the ball ricocheting off of the net post. What is the call?

Bright (and her partner, Jessie Irvine) lose the rally. Net posts (including all of the related parts, such as the wheels, arms, and other parts) are positioned out of bounds. As a result, if the pickleball touches the net post, then the player that last hit the pickleball commits a fault and loses the rally. This is true regardless of where the pickleball lands. So, Bright committed a fault as soon as the pickleball hit the net post on her shot.

Bottom line – It is a fault if the pickleball hits the net post.


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