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Lob To Backhands In The Middle

Quick Tips Stacie Townsend 05-02-2022

You have all heard the pickleball strategy to target your opponents’ backhands, which are usually weaker than their respective forehands. This is particularly true for lobs. Most players’ high backhands (or backhand overheads) are usually much weaker than their high forehands (or forehand overheads).

With that in mind, one particularly effective shot when you are playing a team with one right-handed player and one left-handed player, and their backhands are toward the middle of the court, is a lob to the middle of the court near the baseline. This is because (1) as noted above, most players disfavor their high backhands, and (2) most players avoid going back for a lob on their backhand side. Most players are trained to let the player with the forehand in the middle of the court chase down a lob. So, when two backhands are in the middle of the court, a lob to the middle often causes hesitation and confusion among players. ‍♂️ ‍♀️

Bottom line – When you are playing a righty and lefty with their backhands in the middle, consider throwing up a lob down the middle.


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