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Go For The “Chicken Wing”!

Quick Tips Stacie Townsend 08-09-2021

The “chicken wing” occurs when you hit the pickleball toward the shoulder area of the paddle side of your opponent’s body. Since this area is in between a backhand and a forehand, it is difficult for your opponent to both (1) determine whether to switch from a backhand to a forehand shot and then (2) to actually do it. The likely result is that your opponent will pull his or her elbow up and out in an effort to reach the pickleball, which results in what looks like a “chicken wing.”

The “chicken wing” will likely cause your opponent to either mishit the pickleball entirely, so that you win the rally, or mishit the pickleball in a way that results in a pop up and easy put away shot for you or your partner.

To put your opponents in an uncomfortable “chicken wing,” pick a spot on your opponents’ shoulder area and aim any drives, speed-up shots, or hard volleys at that spot. Be careful not to hit up too much on the pickleball, causing the pickleball to fly out of bounds. It is a careful balance of placement and power. But, remember, placement is more important than power!

Go for the “chicken wing”!


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