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Let it Go

Quick Tips Pickle4 Team 02-28-2024

Short-term memories are actually a benefit on the pickleball court (unless it comes to knowing the score). Having a short-term memory helps you move on to the next point, which is necessary regardless of whether the last point was in your favor or against you. It is easy to let one bad point turn into five bad points on the pickleball court. It is also easy to get to 10 points (for instance, 10-4-1) and then have trouble getting to that game-winning 11th point. This is because you are thinking of the last mistake you made, or you may be playing tight because you are so close to victory.

So, be present. Be completely in the moment with the rally at hand. Let the past points go, and don’t let your mind go to the next point. Let it go and play in the moment. Oh, and also, don’t forget to let the out balls go, too.


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