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When To Change Direction To Avoid Unforced Errors

Quick Tips Stacie Townsend 05-16-2022

Changing the direction that the pickleball is traveling is difficult to do. For instance, changing the direction of a crosscourt serve by hitting the return down the line (instead of returning back crosscourt), or countering a down-the-line speed up crosscourt (rather than back down the line). In other words, in many circumstances, it is easier to hit the pickleball back in the direction that it came from. You are prone to making more unforced errors when you change the direction of the pickleball.

So, if you are struggling with your unforced errors on the pickleball court, ask yourself if those unforced errors are at times where you are trying to change the direction of the pickleball. If so, try limiting your changes of direction to those circumstances where you have your feet underneath you (in other words, you are in position), you are not under pressure from your opponents (i.e., you have time to make your shot), and you can hit the pickleball out in front of your body.


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