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Dry Those Wet Courts Faster

Quick Tips Stacie Townsend 01-10-2022

One of the worst things as a pickleball player is a wet pickleball court. Wet pickleball courts can be dangerous, and in order to play, it is important to learn how to dry the courts as quickly as possible—so you can get out on the court and play as quickly as possible.

One tip to dry pickleball courts quickly is to have a quality squeegee. Once you have a quality squeegee, start in the center of one side of the pickleball court. Then, like the video below, squeegee in a circular motion ↺ until you have completed the entire half of the pickleball court (as opposed to going in a straight line from side-to-side of the pickleball court). Then, move to the other side of the court and repeat as necessary. Also, consider using towels to wipe up any residual moisture after you squeegee (especially on the lines of the pickleball court, which can be slick if wet).

Bottom line: The circular squeegee motion is the most efficient way to dry a pickleball court.


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