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Why Play Pickleball?

News Stacie Townsend 03-06-2020

Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the country for good reason. If you are deciding whether or not to try pickleball, here is what you can expect:

Playing Pickleball Will Improve Your Health, Wellness & Well-Being

Pickleball will lead to:

  • Better physical fitness (you can burn 600+ calories per hour playing pickleball)
  • A stronger, more positive mental state (endorphins, baby!)
  • Weight loss and weight management (playing pickleball will help you lose weight and keep the weight off)
  • Better cardiovascular and metabolic health, which will reduce your risk of heart attacks and strokes (in other words, you will live longer!)
  • Stronger bones and improved flexibility to reduce your chances of osteoporosis and joint problems (strong bones and less joint pain sounds great to me!)
  • Increased blood flow to improve hand and foot use and prevent blood clots
  • Increased insulin production to prevent and manage diabetes 
  • Stimulation of your mind to prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s (pickleball will keep you sharp as a whip!)
  • Stronger muscles to make everyday tasks easier, help increase your independence, and reduce any chances of falling


Pickleball is:

  • A great stress reliever (who doesn’t like to whack a ball around?!)
  • A community that welcomes everyone (the sport of pickleball loves every player)
  • A game that will give you friends for a lifetime and that extend well-beyond the pickleball court (authentic friends with real connection beyond the computer and phone screens)
  • Likely to cause excessive laughter (laughter is the best medicine!)
  • Friendly competition (as a former high-level athlete, I love a little friendly competition)
  • A family-friendly game that is fun and competitive for all ages and skill levels (what a gift that I can do this with my parents and friends!)
  • Something that I look forward to 24/7/365 (in other words, pure FUN!)

So, have you made up your mind yet? Are you ready to try pickleball?!


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