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US Open News Update: April 14th

News Pickle4 Team 04-14-2024


The Minto US Open Pickleball Championships does not happen without our volunteers! 

Close to 300 strong and dedicated volunteers will work tirelessly this week to make sure your US Open experience is one you will always remember.

They are here to help you park, check you in, answer your questions, make sure matches run smoothly and so much more! There is not a more valuable group of people responsible for the success of the US Open! They are passionate about pickleball, but mostly they are passionate about you!

Thank you to all our volunteers! Your positive attitude, teamwork, and dedication to the US Open is instrumental in creating a successful event. We appreciate your selflessness and the impact you will make on The Biggest Pickleball Party in the World!™ 


Today is Singles’ Day at the US Open 

It’s Singles’ Day here at the US Open and we have an action-packed morning and afternoon with a variety of levels competing throughout the park. This includes our Wheelchair, Pro, Senior Pro and Amateur divisions. 

The Singles final matches for the Pro and Senior Pro will be played on Zing Zang Championship Court starting at 3:00pm with the Women’s Senior Pro Gold Medal Match. 

Want to learn more about how to play Singles? Click here for an overview of the rules provided by The Pickler! 


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