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The Threat Is As Good As The Real Thing

Quick Tips Stacie Townsend 07-11-2022

Ernes, poaches, switching, stacking, and other unexpected movements on the pickleball court can be effective (and fun). But, it is important to note that these movements are not just effective when they work and you win the rally. In fact, these movements are effective even if unsuccessful and you lose the rally. This is because even the threat of changing sides or moving on the pickleball court will cause your opponents to second guess their shots, pull their eyes off of the pickleball, or take time to think about what you and your partner are doing. So, even if you lose a certain rally, these movements may help you win the overall game.

Bottom line – Take the long view in a game. Smartly move around the pickleball court to make your opponents second guess the rest of the game.


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