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Close The Gap

Quick Tips Stacie Townsend 02-20-2023

There are times when you may, as a strategic move, consider sacrificing court positioning in order to hit a more offensive shot (to note, it is important to selectively pick your moments for this strategy). For instance, like pickleball pro Pablo Tellez in the video below , you may consider running around your backhand in order to hit a forehand shot, as your forehand (as opposed to your backhand) may give you more options to disguise an aggressive shot against your opponents. If you find yourself in this scenario, you will likely be moving out of position and opening up angles on the court for your opponents. As a result, these shots can be high risk (e.g., opening the court for your opponents), but also high reward (e.g., hitting a winning shot).

To help minimize the risk on these shots, it is important to close the open court space as soon as you execute your shot. In other words, after you hit your shot, step back into the court space that you vacated and expect the pickleball to immediately come back. Be aggressive in closing any gaps and retaking your positioning. Controlling your court positioning is critical to your success. ⚠️


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