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Will There Be a Rise in Depression Amongst Pickleball Players?

News Stacie Townsend 03-26-2020

Recent research published in Leisure Studies (J. Heo et al., Serious Leisure and Depression in Older Adults: A Study of Pickleball Players (2018)) shows that playing pickleball decreases the rate of depression in older adults. With that in mind, what will the impact of the coronavirus pandemic have on the mental health of our pickleball community? 

Over half of the United States’ population (and more than 20 states) are under stay-at-home mandates. While a topic of great debate in the pickleball community, most pickleball players have temporarily given up recreational pickleball play (although some are finding creative ways to play in their home or otherwise on their property). With pickleball play on hiatus, what outlet could possibly fill the void of pickleball, which is a terrific balance of physical activity and social connection? This may be a real issue for the pickleball population, and the absence of pickleball could have a real effect on the pickleball population’s mental health.

What are you doing to fill the pickleball void? Share with us in the comments below and share with your pickleball community to help improve everyone’s well-being during these uncertain times.


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