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This Pickleball Rally Proves Why You Should Never Give Up on the Court

News Stacie Townsend 08-21-2023

Check out this pickleball rally, where pickleball pro Allyce Jones flips over the perimeter barrier and then proceeds to pop back up while her partner, Tyra Hurricane Black, keeps the pickleball alive, until they eventually win the rally.

The key takeaway from this pickleball rally is two-fold:

  1. Never give up on a rally—even if you have almost no shot of winning, as you never know what can happen on the pickleball court. This mindset is crucial on the pickleball court for the following reasons, among others:

a. Opportunities for Recovery: Often, pickleball rallies that seem lost can still be saved if you’re quick, agile, and attentive. By staying engaged and ready on the pickleball court, you can capitalize on your opponent’s mistakes (like a shot into the net) or unexpected bounces.

b. Pressure on Opponents: When you refuse to give up on a pickleball rally, your opponents may start to feel the pressure, knowing that you’re willing to fight for every point. This mental edge can work to your advantage on the pickleball court.

c. Rally Extenders: Tenacity can lead to longer rallies, giving you more chances to evaluate your opponent’s weaknesses, adjust your strategy, and potentially turn the tide of the pickleball game.

d. Momentum Shifts: A seemingly lost rally can suddenly become a winning point if you manage to keep the rally going and catch your opponents off guard. This can lead to momentum shifts in your favor, which can be incredibly powerful on the pickleball court.

e. Confidence Building: Successfully recovering a rally that you thought was lost can boost your confidence and motivation. It can also demoralize your opponents, affecting their focus and performance the rest of the pickleball game.

f. Sportsmanship and Respect: Playing until the pickleball rally is definitively over shows respect for your opponents and the sport. It reflects a commitment to fair play and good sportsmanship.

2. When your partner is pulled off of the pickleball court, fill as much court space as you can and keep the pickleball alive until your partner can regain court positioning. Pickleball pro Tyra Hurricane Black did a good job of slowing down the pickleball and resetting the point until her partner, Allyce Jones, popped back up after her tumble.

By incorporating this never-give-up attitude into your pickleball play, you will not only enhance your pickleball skills on the court, but also demonstrate resilience, determination, and respect for the game and your opponents. Be like pickleball pro Allyce Jones and never give up on the court.


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