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Lessons from the Pickleball Court – Be Patient

Strategy & Technique Stacie Townsend 11-01-2021


As the saying goes, “patience is a virtue.” This holds true across all walks of life, especially in today’s world with supply chain issues causing bottlenecks across the majority of industries, including the pickleball industry. (We have heard rumors that it may be time to stock up on those pickleballs and pickleball paddles before the holiday season, otherwise impatience could be at an all-time high if you are waiting for the right equipment to even get onto the pickleball court to play!) With that said, this saying also holds true when playing pickleball.

Be Patient on the Pickleball Court!

Oftentimes, on the pickleball court, pickleball players want to go for a winning shot within just a few quick shots. This will likely result in lost rallies, as it is important to construct a point. For instance, all too many times, I have tried to come out of the dink too early by trying to speed up the point on a dink that sits well below the pickleball net and is unattackable. Needless to say, I lost many of those points. This is an easy pattern to fall into though, as the longer the dink rally goes, the more pressure you start to feel. So, one way to relieve that pressure is to try something different, like a speed-up shot, right? But, that will likely not lead to the result that you want, which is to win the rally. Rather, it is better to wait for a shot from your opponents that you can attack—like a dink that sits too high. If the attackable shot is there, attack! However, if the attackable shot is not there, continue to build the point by hitting quality shots that put pressure on your opponents to hit a less than ideal shot.

Patience goes beyond patience within a rally. You must also remain patient within each stroke. Many unforced errors result from rushing a shot, as opposed to setting your feet, preparing your paddle, staying relaxed and engaged in your mind and in your body, and finishing your shot. So, be sure to remain patient both within a rally and within each shot you hit.

And, for that matter, remember to be patient over the entire course of a game. Pickleball is a game of momentum, so no matter how big your lead may be, or how far behind you may be, there is always time for a comeback. So, be patient in the course of a game and stay focused on every point until the game is won.

Bottom line: Be patient and wait for a shot that you can attack! Otherwise, stay in the point and continue to build the point.

Lessons from the Pickleball Court – Be Patient | Pickler Pickleball


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