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Have You Seen This Pickleball Shot? Try the Fake Out!

News Stacie Townsend 06-01-2023

Have you ever seen or heard of a fake-out shot on the pickleball court? Check out pickleball pro Riley Newman execute the fake-out shot against his opponents in a recent pickleball tournament below.


In pickleball, a fake-out shot refers to a deceptive stroke or motion made by a player with the intention of tricking his or her opponents into anticipating a different shot or movement. A fake-out shot typically involves the player performing a motion that suggests he or she will hit the pickleball in a certain direction or with a specific type of shot, but instead, the player executes a different shot altogether. This can be done by using body positioning, paddle preparation, or even a slight change in wrist movement. Or, as Riley Newman did in the video above, by intentionally taking a full swing to suggest one shot, and then hitting the pickleball using a different stroke.

The most common fake-out shot on the pickleball court is likely a fake overhead to soft drop shot in the Kitchen. This fake-out shot typically keeps your opponents deep in the court, as they expect you to hit a powerful overhead. However, you then hit a short shot near the net, making it difficult for your opponents to race up from the baseline to meet the pickleball.

A fake-out shot can be a strategic technique used to create confusion and gain an advantage during a rally on the pickleball court. The effectiveness of a fake-out shot in pickleball relies on the element of surprise and your opponents’ ability to anticipate your shot. Skilled players may use this technique to disrupt their opponents’ positioning, force errors, create openings for winning shots, or to add a little showmanship to their game. However, a great fake-out shot requires good timing, coordination, and control to execute successfully. In other words, while a fake-out shot includes some risk (you may make an unforced error yourself), it can be both fun and effective on the pickleball courts.

Have you ever hit a fake-out shot on the pickleball court?!


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