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Paddle Colors

Rules Refresh Pickle4 Team 01-17-2024

QUESTION: Is the Prodrive breast cancer white with pink logo paddle approved for amateur tournament play due to white with pink?

ANSWER: Every paddle that is approved for amateur (and pro) play is on the USA Pickleball approved paddle list. ✅ The approved paddle list shows five approved Prodrive paddles, all with different model names.

If the Prodrive paddle in question has any of those model names on the paddle, then the paddle is approved. The key 🔑 here is that to be approved, a paddle must match exactly the manufacturer’s brand/name and model name (or model number). The rule in the Rulebook that provides this is Rule 2.E.7.

There is, however, another consideration in determining whether or not even a USA Pickleball-approved paddle can be used in any particular tournament. If a Tournament Director determines that a paddle is too reflective, 🪩 then the Tournament Director can require a paddle change. This can happen with some paddles that are predominantly white or light colored when playing in bright sun. ☀️ The rule that governs this situation is Rule 2.E.2.a. This rule, however, cannot be enforced in non-tournament play.


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