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Timely Line Call?

Rules Refresh Stacie Townsend 04-03-2023

Line calls are frequently a source of contention in pickleball. This includes whether or not the line call is right or wrong, but also the timing of the line call. ⏳ The rules of pickleball provide that “[a]ll ‘out’ calls must be made prior to the ball being hit by the opponent or before the ball becomes dead.” So, timing of the line call is important, as shown in the video below.

In the video above, pickleball pro James Ignatowich makes an “out” call for his team the New Jersey 5s in a Major League Pickleball match against the California BLQK Bears. The referee overturned the line call because he believed that Ignatowich made a late call—in other words, after his opponents made the next shot. This was then challenged and overturned again, as Ignatowich made the call timely. So, the out call stood.

Nevertheless, be wary of the timing of your line calls on the pickleball court. Make your calls timely (i.e., before your opponent hits the next shot) and loudly!


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