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Master the Baseline Game

Quick Tips Pickle4 Team 07-11-2024

At times, singles pickleball can be a baseline game, meaning that you hit multiple shots from the baseline. Singles pickleball forces you to get comfortable with playing from the baseline and being aggressive from the baseline.

It is important to note that, in singles pickleball, like doubles pickleball, it is generally important to move in and get to the Non-Volley Zone line. By coming into the Kitchen line, you are able to cut off your opponent’s angles on the pickleball court. This is difficult to execute at times, as you can get stuck at the baseline hitting groundstroke after groundstroke. So, what if you hit a bad return of serve? What if you get stuck at the baseline? What should you do? If you hit a bad return of serve on the pickleball court, you generally have two options:

  1. Stay back at the baseline and play defensively to get yourself back in the rally; or
  2. Move in, but stop a few feet behind the Non-Volley Zone Line in order to prepare for your opponent’s third shot.

Your opponent may win a few rallies with a good passing shot. However, the overwhelming majority of points are won at the Kitchen line, so it is important to put yourself in a position to win by moving into the Kitchen line.

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