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Avoid The Net

Rules Refresh Stacie Townsend 07-25-2022

Check out this point in the video below from the APP So Cal Classic. Early in the men’s doubles bronze medal match, DJ Young jumps the Kitchen, but loses his footing. He then stops for a second, and states “I hit the net. It doesn’t matter.” ⚠️

This is a good reminder on net rules. Remember, no player may touch the net, posts, net system, or the opposing team’s side of the pickleball court. If a player does any of these things – touch the net, posts, net system, or opposing side of the court – then a fault has occurred and that player will lose the rally. This is exactly what happened to DJ Young in the video above.

For a deeper breakdown on all of the rules of pickleball, check out Pickler’s Ultimate Guide to the Rules of Pickleball.

Have you had an interesting rules issue on the pickleball court? Send it to us at, so we can share with the rest of the pickleball community in a future newsletter.


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