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Always, Always, Always Be Ready

Quick Tips Stacie Townsend 06-27-2022

It is exciting to speed up the pickleball at your opponents in an effort to win the rally. However, the speed-up shot is rarely a winner. Rather, the speed-up shot is a set-up shot. The speed-up shot is designed to catch your opponents off guard and induce a pop-up, which is then sets you up for the winning shot.

So, when you are on the pickleball court and ready to speed up the pickleball, don’t stop at the speed-up. Always be ready for the next shot. Always expect your opponents to get the pickleball back and counter your speed-up.

Remember that the goal is not for your speed-up to be the winner. Rather, your goal is for your speed-up is to set you and your partner up for a winner. So, always be ready for that next shot.


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