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7 Signs that the Pro Pickleball Players Are Just Like the Rest of Us

News Stacie Townsend 12-26-2022

The top pro pickleball players are easily earning 6-figure incomes by playing the sport that we all know and love. They travel the country on the pro tours, play on their respective teams in the major league, and showcase their talent on the pickleball court, as they are the best at what we all do—play pickleball. We sit back and watch them, hoping that we can learn something to take to our own pickleball games, or at least be entertained an 11-point game at a time. And, as we watch the pickleball pros, we are reminded that some aspects of the sport of pickleball transcend skill level or rating. In other words, here are 7 signs that the pro pickleball players are just like the rest of us (including in text and in the video below)…


7 Signs that the Pro Pickleball Players Are Just Like the Rest of Us | Pickler Pickleball


  1. The pros get out of breath playing singles pickleball. Just ask pro Hunter Johnson, who—with great exaggeration—seemed to be winded in this singles pickleball game on the APP Tour.


  1. They hate high lobs into the sun. Pro Leigh Waters was at the center of what was later named “LobGate” after emphatically stating to her opponents across the pickleball net, “Are you that afraid to play us straight up?” in response to their incessant high lobs up into the sun. Which side are you on—love the lob or love to hate the lob?


  1. They enjoy friendly banter across the pickleball net. Watch pros Matt Wright and Jeff Warnick go head-to-head in this exchange on the PPA Tour. At the end of the match, Wright, who won the match with his partner, Riley Newman, also ask the fans to wave “bye-bye” to Warnick.


  1. The pros also have a few bad days. Although not recommended, breaking paddles can help blow off some steam—right, Tyson McGuffin?


  1. They love being asked to play “up” a level. Who doesn’t love being asked to play with good players? And, sometimes, we will change our entire schedule, just to be able to oblige. This is also true of the pros, as Catherine Parenteau dropped her women’s doubles partner for the opportunity to play with undisputed #1 Anna Leigh Waters.


  1. They make bad line calls from time to time. Like amateurs, pro players (like Salome Devidze) can get reputations for bad line calls. 


  1. The pros enjoy a quality drink after a good day on the pickleball courts. Above all, pickleball is meant to be fun and social. So, after a good day on the pickleball courts, we all like a beverage with friends. Cheers to Tyson McGuffin and this fan sharing a post-victory beer!


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