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The 2024 US Open Pickleball Championships is Set for a Record Breaking Year

News Pickle4 Team 03-13-2024

The US Open Pickleball Championships has evolved into a sporting event phenomenon. The upcoming 2024 event is poised to make history with a record year that mirrors the remarkable growth of the sport.  

The journey began in 2016, marked by the inaugural tournament that saw 800 participants and 2,000 spectators. Word quickly spread. The amateur and pro competition, rising stars in the game and the energetic atmosphere helped capture the hearts of players and fans alike. 

Fast forward to last year and the numbers tell an impressive tale of growth and popularity. The 2023 US Open Pickleball Championships boasted 3,000 participants and a staggering 40,000 spectators. The tournament had transcended its initial scale, becoming a major attraction for both players and those seeking the excitement of gathering with friends for The Biggest Pickleball Party in the World™!

Now as we approach the 2024 event, anticipation is building for what promises to be another record breaking year. With over 3,000 participants consisting of Pro and Amateur players, and a projected 50,000 spectators expected to visit the park through the week, the US Open Pickleball Championships are set to break their own records and further establish themselves as a pinnacle event in the world of pickleball. 

One of the remarkable aspects of this championship is its inclusivity. Players ranging in age from 8-88 took to the courts last year, including junior and wheelchair players. The diverse range of participants adds to the tournament’s welcoming and fun atmosphere, creating a space where a passion for pickleball can unite generations in the spirit of competition and camaraderie.

The international appeal of the US Open Pickleball Championships is another compelling factor that sets this tournament apart from the rest. Last year, players from 29 countries crossed borders to participate, turning the event into a global celebration that culminated with arguably the best day in pickleball, the US Open flag ceremony during Saturday’s Dick’s Sporting Goods Championship Celebration.

Behind the scenes, a dedicated army of 500 volunteers work tirelessly throughout the week to ensure the tournament runs smoothly and both players and visitors have an unforgettable experience. Their commitment adds a personal touch to the event, creating a sense of community that draws people back year after year.  

The US Open Pickleball Championships have not only become a showcase of athletic prowess but also a testament to the true spirit of inclusivity, international collaboration, and community that highlights the true meaning of the sport of pickleball. As we eagerly await the 2024 event, it’s clear that the US Open Pickleball Championships is not only breaking records – they’re helping shape the future of pickleball.  

Experiencing the US Open Pickleball Championships is more than just a sporting event; it’s a bucket list item that promises to deliver the Biggest Pickleball Party in the World™. In true US Open spirit anyone is welcome to attend the event even if they haven’t secured a ticket for Zing Zang Championship Court. It’s free to watch pros and amateurs compete throughout the week on the 59 dedicated courts throughout East Naples Community Park. Come enjoy shopping, food, music and a pickleball party that is unparalleled. Join the fun, and experience the energy of the game and the camaraderie of pickleball enthusiasts from around the globe, that only the US Open delivers.

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