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Pickleball Rules to Know - Pickleball Paddle Alterations

Did you know that there is a very limited list of ways that you can alter, or add to, your pickleball paddle? This limited list of ways is set forth in Rule 2.E.5 of the 2020 Official Rulebook for USA Pickleball and includes the following:

  • Adding edge guard tape (which is generally used to protect your edge guard from nicks and scrapes that inadvertently occur during play or transport);
  • Adding lead tape (which will add weight to your paddle);
  • Changing the grip size or adding a grip wrap; and
  • Adding name decals or other identification markings on the paddle face.

All decals and tape must remain within 1 inch (2.54 cm) of the top of the grip and within 0.5 inches (1.27 cm) of the edges of the paddle (whether the outer edge or the edge guard). Handwritten markings (which are limited to pen markings, and not other "aftermarket" graphics) are allowed anywhere on the pickleball paddle, but such handwritten markings cannot impact the roughness of the pickleball paddle and must be in "good taste."

Have you altered, or added to, your pickleball paddle? Did you follow Rule 2.E.5 of the 2020 Official Rulebook?