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There is a wealth of knowledge on the Internet, including a wealth of knowledge about pickleball. As we work to continue to grow our pickleball blog here at Pickler, we wanted to give some love to other pickleball bloggers on the Internet that are doing their part to spread pickleball knowledge and grow the sport of pickleball.

A Pickleball Life - http://applecountrypickleball.blogspot.com/
Who's Behind It: Paul Aaron from Hendersonville, North Carolina
Why You Should Take a Look: A Pickleball Life gives you a daily dose of pickleball strategies, tips and tricks, as Paul Aaron posts a nugget of information about pickleball just about every day. A Pickleball Life also boasts an impressive collection of some of the best pickleball content from across the web that is organized into easy-to-use chapters. This pickleball blog is also particularly relevant in the mountain communities of North Carolina, as Paul Aaron spotlights those particular pickleball communities.
Pickleball Channel - http://www.pickleballchannel.com/
Who's Behind It: Rusty Howes (Founder) and his Pickleball Channel Team
Why You Should Take a Look: Pickleball Channel is an online-only media channel that is dedicated to covering the sport of pickleball. Pickleball Channel features coverage from some of the premier pickleball tournaments across the country, as well as some must-see tips and tricks videos from the hottest pickleball pros.
Jennifer's Pickleball Blog - http://www.allpickleball.com/jennifersblog/#
Who's Behind It: Jennifer Lucore from Southern California
Why You Should Take a Look: Jennifer's Pickleball Blog is powered by Jennifer Lucore, a professional pickleball player, who has won more than 17 gold medals at the USAPA Nationals, and a true international pickleball ambassador. Jennifer's Pickleball Blog is packed with stories of Jennifer's pickleball adventures from across the globe, as well as some important tips and tricks from the pickleball pro herself.
PickleballCentral.com Blog - https://blog.pickleballcentral.com/
Who's Behind It: Network of Pickleball Writers
Why You Should Take a Look: Just as PickleballCentral.com carries a wide assortment and variety of pickleball products, PickleballCentral.com Blog touches on a wide assortment and variety of pickleball topics and issues, including pickleball tips, product reviews, player profiles, and more. With an archive of blog posts dating back to 2013, PickleballCentral.com Blog could keep you occupied with pickleball blogs for days.
The Pickleball Guru Blog - http://pickleballhelp.com/whats-new/
Who's Behind It: Prem Carnot from Grass Valley, California
Why You Should Take a Look: Prem Carnot, known as "The Pickleball Guru," is a nationally recognized pickleball coach who emphasizes "Smart Pickleball" (which is also the title of Prem Carnot's pickleball book). The Pickleball Guru Blog posts some great content on pickleball tips and strategies for all skill levels and, like PickleballCentral.com Blog, is one of the longer tenured blogs, as it dates back to 2013.
Bonus Shoutout - If you are looking for a comprehensive, easy-to-read book that breaks down the strategy of doubles pickleball, be sure to check out At the Line Pickleball: The Winning Doubles Pickleball Strategy by Joe Baker. Joe Baker's pickleball book is a must-read for all skill levels.


Please let us know if you know of any other noteworthy pickleball blogs (in addition to ours here at Pickler!). These pickleball blogs (and book) have certainly inspired our work at Pickler to create top quality pickleball content to help you play better pickleball.