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Pickleball Pros Get Social During Pandemic

News Stacie Townsend 03-27-2020

With the world staying at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, opportunities to play pickleball as usual have dried up. This has greatly affected our favorite pickleball pros, pickleball teachers, and pickleball businesses. With that said, our favorite pickleball pros, pickleball teachers, and pickleball businesses have showed up in other ways.

  • Pickleball Pros Have Engaged with Us on Social Media – Pickleball pros, like Steve Kennedy, Simone Jardim, Mark Renneson (Third Shot Sports), and Lucy Kitcher, to name a few, have live-streamed video on their social media platforms that discuss how to stay in pickleball shape while staying quarantined. Scott Golden and Eddie & Webby have each live-streamed interviews with pickleball pros, and Leigh & Anna Leigh Waters have entertained us with some off-court dance moves. Support these pickleball pros by checking out their videos on Facebook by visiting the following links:
  • Pickleball Pro Creates a Survey – Pickleball pro, Megan Charity, created a survey to help understand the psycho-, geo-, and demographics of pickleball players. Her hope is that this data will provide insights that will spark new innovations for the sport of pickleball. Take the survey now, and Megan notes that she will even share the data with you!
  • Pickleball Businesses Give Discounts – Pickleball businesses, such as paddle manufacturers like Selkirk and pickleball instruction providers like Pickler and Third Shot Sports, have reduced prices to show appreciation of their pickleball customers and to help pickleball players fill the pickleball void during these uncertain times. For instance:

With less time on the pickleball courts, each of these pickleball pros, pickleball teachers, and pickleball businesses will have more time to innovate and improve the quality of our pickleball world, so that, when we all get back out onto the pickleball court after the quarantine, we will all come back stronger than ever!


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