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US Open News Update: April 17th

News Pickle4 Team 04-17-2024

Paddletek Anna Leigh and Leigh Waters Free Clinic and Q&A

Join Anna Leigh and Leigh Waters during the US Open Pickleball Championships for an interactive clinic and Q&A! The event takes place TODAY, April 17th, on the iconic Zing Zang Championship Court at 7 pm. Paddletek prizes will be awarded during the clinic. All are welcome and kids 12 and under will be invited on court.
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This is his first time playing in the US Open. Ed is everyone’s favorite partner at his local courts in Morris Township, NJ. He loves the game for many reasons and the opportunity to play in the US Open was at the top of his short list of “must do” tournaments.


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Anna Leigh and Leigh Waters Make a Special Announcement

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