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Timely Call Time-Outs

Rules Refresh Stacie Townsend 07-24-2023

Check out the point below during a pro mixed doubles match at the PPA Denver Open, where the #30 seed Martin Emmrich—Tina Pisnik lost a point to the #3 seed Matt Wright—Lucy Kovalova at a critical moment in the match due to a poorly timed time-out.

Emmrich seemingly called time-out ⏱ after Kovalova made contact with the serve. According to the official rules of pickleball, if the receiver or his or her partner calls a time-out after the serve has occurred, then the receiving team commits a fault and loses the rally. So, since Emmrich called the time-out after Kovalova made contact on the serve, he committed a fault and lost the rally. (To note, the referee noted that Emmrich did not call time-out before she called the score (which may have been mis-phrased). According to the rules of pickleball, the point in time that is relevant is contact on the serve.)


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