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Test Your Pickleball Knowledge!

News Stacie Townsend 08-12-2018

The USA Pickleball Association (the governing body for the sport of pickleball) has three rules tests to put your pickleball knowledge to the test: (1) Player Rules Quiz for pickleball players; (2) Line Judge Knowledge Review for pickleball line judges; and (3) Referee Test for pickleball referees. We recently put our knowledge as pickleball players to the test and completed the 50-question Player Rules Quiz.

Although you have 50 minutes to complete the Player Rules Quiz, you could probably finish within half of the allotted time. A score of 90% and above gets you a passing score, which means you can miss 5 of the 50 questions and still pass.

The Player Rules Quiz by the USAPA is a fun, quick way to test your knowledge about the game of pickleball. You may even learn a few new rules that you can use to your advantage (or disadvantage) in both recreational and tournament pickleball play. We sure did! For instance, did you know that:

  • If you volley a ball from behind the non-volley-zone line, and during the follow through of your volley, your paddle hits your partner who is standing in the non-volley zone (e.g. his or her shoulder), then you made a fault and the point is awarded to your opponents.
  • If you ask your opponents’ opinion as to whether a ball is in or out, you must accept your opponents’ opinion.

How knowledgeable are you about the game of pickleball? Click here to put your pickleball knowledge to the test! Good luck!

Did any questions or answers surprise you? Share with us in the comments below!


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