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Stay On The Same Page

Quick Tips Stacie Townsend 11-14-2022

They say pickleball is more like chess, not checkers. In other words, pickleball is a game of strategy. And, in doubles pickleball, it is important to work with your partner to figure out the best strategy and execute it. But, sometimes, you and your partner may disagree when it comes to the best strategy. When that happens, it is critical that you and your partner get on the same page. If you both are playing different strategies, neither of you will be successful. For instance, if one partner wants to stay back off of the Kitchen line, while the other wants to hold the line, then there will be too many angles and openings on the court. So, even if you initially disagree, find a way to get on the same page, and stay on the same page, when it comes to strategy in order to have the most success.


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