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Start Behind the Baseline on the Return

Quick Tips Pickle4 Team 12-12-2023

When returning a serve in pickleball, an important tip for court positioning is to start 2-3 feet behind the baseline. Too often, pickleball players stand at or on the baseline for the return. This results in players misjudging the serve, getting jammed up by deep serves, and failing to generate any momentum in coming into the Kitchen line.

In other words, by starting 2-3 feet behind the baseline for the return, you have the ability to better react 🙌 to the serve (including deep serves) and generate a step or two of momentum that will carry you into the Kitchen line (making you less vulnerable to making a mistake on your opponents’ third shot). So, be aware of your court positioning on the return and start 2-3 feet behind the baseline (rather than at or on the baseline).


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