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Spread Out & Go Middle

Quick Tips Stacie Townsend 03-07-2022

You may not always win in one shot. Rather, it is important to craft a point using multiple shots to set up your eventual winning shot. One way to craft a winning point is to spread your opponents out and then go down the middle. To do this, particularly at the Kitchen line, use dinks to move your opponents around. Never hit a dink in the same place twice. Make your opponents move.

For instance, say you take a dink to one sideline. One of your opponents will likely move to cover the dink. Now, at this point, you may already have an opening in the middle if your other opponent failed to stay linked with the opponent covering the dink. However, if your opponents did stay linked, then continue to move your opponents with the dink. Try to dink to the middle, which may cause both of your opponents take a step toward the middle. When you opponents return the pickleball to you, since they both took a step toward the middle, you now have more room to hit the pickleball toward the sidelines. Then, your opponents will move toward the sideline to return the pickleball. Now, you have even more room in the middle of your opponents because one moved toward the sideline. See a pattern?

Use the dink to spread your opponents out and then hit a winner down the middle!


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