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Reach Over Perfection

Rules Refresh Stacie Townsend 10-31-2022

What do you do if the pickleball has so much spin, or a bit of wind is at play, where the pickleball bounces and goes back over to the other side of the net (just like it did in the video below)?

Generally speaking, you cannot cross the plane of the net before hitting the pickleball. But, there is one exception, which is in these rare circumstances (which can occur on windy days) where the pickleball bounces and then returns to the other side of the net untouched (also known as the “over-and-back pickleball”). In this case, you may cross the net plane after the pickleball has crossed back over.

If this happens to you, do as Ben Johns did in the video above and kiss the pickleball with your paddle toward the net to hit an unretrievable shot for your opponents. Remember, if you do not touch the pickleball, then your opponents will win the rally.


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