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You’ll Never Guess Where They Are Playing Pickleball Now!

News Stacie Townsend 10-02-2023

You can play pickleball just about anywhere these days…

For instance, take Mount Joy, Pennsylvania, which is a rural town that has converted a manure tank that has been idle for over a decade into a pickleball court. The idea came from Arlin Benner, the owner of Yippee! Farms, who initially considered turning the tank into a swimming pool, but opted for pickleball due to practicality. With the help of construction specialists, LED lights, and some creative thinking, the manure tank now serves as a unique pickleball venue and is even offered to guests of the nearby Rocky Acre Farm B&B, run by Arlin’s retired farming parents. The tank’s confined space keeps the ball in play, offers unique acoustics, and allows for spectators to socialize and play cornhole alongside the court. The innovative use of this unusual space has brought friends and family together and will host the first “Slurry Slam Tournament” in October.

Other interesting and unique places where pickleball has been played—beyond an old manure tank—include:

  • Landmarks: Some historic sites and landmarks have embraced pickleball, setting up courts in iconic locations, creating a blend of history and recreation. These include the well-known baseball parks like Fenway Park in Boston, the State of Utah’s Legislative Rotunda, the top of the Seattle Space Needle, New York City’s Central Park, and the Washington Mall (which sold out its availability to play in record time).

You’ll Never Guess Where They Are Playing Pickleball Now!

  • Rooftops: In some urban areas, rooftop pickleball courts have been set up, offering a unique playing experience with cityscape views.
  • Prisons: Some correctional facilities have embraced pickleball as a recreational activity for inmates, fostering fitness and camaraderie.
  • Cruise Ships: Cruise ships often have pickleball courts on board, allowing passengers to enjoy the sport while at sea. Even some private mega-yachts have pickleball on deck.
  • Music Concerts: Some musical acts, like Dierks Bentley, have even taken pickleball to the stage during concerts.
  • Airports: Some airports, like JFK in New York City, have dedicated pickleball courts in and around their terminals, providing travelers with a fun way to pass the time during layovers.

You’ll Never Guess Where They Are Playing Pickleball Now!


  • Indoor Facilities in Unusual Spaces: Adaptive reuse of old warehouses, churches, barns, auditoriums, and other unique buildings into indoor pickleball facilities has become a trend, offering year-round play.
  • Backyards and Driveways: As the popularity of pickleball grows, more driveways, neighborhood streets, cul-de-sacs, and backyards are also being adorned with pickleball courts.

These unique pickleball settings showcase the sport’s versatility and ability to adapt to various environments, making it accessible and enjoyable for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Have you played pickleball in a unique or interesting place?!


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