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The Pickleball Dictionary: Pickleball Terms that Start with the Letter “W”

Strategy & Technique Stacie Townsend 02-07-2020

Pickler created The Pickleball Dictionary, which includes all of the common terms, phrases, words, people, and organizations found in, on, and around the pickleball courts. Get your FREE copy of The Pickleball Dictionary today!


The pickleball terms, phrases, words, people, and organizations that start with the letter “W” include:

Wall – Some pickleball players are great defensive players and can feel as if you are playing against a wall, as these great defensive pickleball players always seem to get the pickleball back over the net.

Watch It! – A common phrase on the pickleball court when you are trying to alert your partner that the pickleball is likely sailing out of bounds. Other common phrases include “Out!,” “Let it go!” and “Bounce!.”

Weaker Opponent – One common strategy on the pickleball courts during competitive play is to target the weaker of your two opponents. Find your opponents’ weaknesses and isolate them.

Weakness – Pickleball players strive to improve their respective weaknesses, while exploiting their opponents’ respective weaknesses. Drill, drill, drill to improve your weaknesses on the pickleball court!

Western Pickleball Grip – A Western pickleball grip is one of the grips that you may find on the pickleball courts. The Western pickleball grip has its pros and cons, but is commonly known for its strong top spin that it can generate.

What’s the Score? – A common question on the pickleball court, as players are so busy having fun that they frequently forget the score!

Wheelchair Pickleball – USA Pickleball has developed rules for both standing and wheelchair pickleball players. Pickleball may be played with four standing pickleball players, four wheelchair pickleball players, or any mix of both.

Wheelchair Player – A wheelchair player is a pickleball player that plays the sport of pickleball seated in a wheelchair at all times.

Wiffle Ball – A pickleball is essentially a wiffle ball or, in other words, a hollow plastic-type ball with holes in it.

WilsonWilson, widely known as a great tennis company, is branching into pickleball with pickleball paddles and other gear that can be purchased at various retailers across the country and online.

Win – The team or player on the pickleball that reaches, as applicable, 11, 15, 21, etc. (whether winning by 2 or 1, depending on the particular format), wins the pickleball game, which is a great feeling on the pickleball court.

Wind – When playing pickleball outdoors, wind can certainly be a factor. Take the wind into consideration on each shot—is the wind behind your back increasing the pace on your shot, at your face stopping your shot or across the court moving your shot to either side? Each pickleball player on the pickleball court is dealing with the same wind factors, so be sure to use the wind to your advantage.

Withdrawal – A withdrawal is a request by the pickleball player or team to be removed from play. It is generally a voluntary act.


Do you know any additional pickleball terms, phrases, words, people, or organizations that start with the letter “W” to add to The Pickleball Dictionary? Share with us in the comments below!


Updated as of January 6, 2021


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