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The Pickler – Same Great Content, New Look and Feel

News Pickle4 Team 01-31-2024

Now introducing the new and improved! With a new look and feel, you can now find the pickleball tips, rules, strategies, stories, and news you’re interested in more easily than ever! Our updated site gives you access to even more content than before and keeps you up-to-date with The Pickler’s latest articles. 

We have also updated the access to “My Pro Pickleball Coach,” The Pickler’s video course. My Pro Pickleball Coach is designed for any pickleball player looking to improve their abilities on the pickleball court. With our updated site, you receive instant access upon purchase to 140 video lessons and a corresponding e-book that breaks down every aspect of the sport of pickleball. If you previously purchased this course, we’ve given you access to the new site free of charge. You should have already received an email with information about accessing your purchase. 

Visit to enjoy these enhancements and a sample video from our video course.  


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