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Pickleball Is the Ultimate Family Activity

News Stacie Townsend 08-29-2020

With summer winding down, there are just a few more opportunities to get outside for a family fun activity before school and the fall season set in. Are you looking for ideas on how to spend these fleeting summer moments? If so, then put pickleball at the top of your list!

The sport of pickleball is the ultimate family activity, as pickleball is an active game that can be played (and played well) regardless of age. In fact, oftentimes, the sport of pickleball will have three, or even four, generations on the court at the same time! Pickleball is also a game that creates long, fun rallies on the court, regardless of skill level.

Families can play pickleball anywhere that has a 20 foot by 44 foot area, whether that area is a tennis court, parking lot, gym floor, or even your driveway. Wherever your family plays, a few things are guaranteed – laughter, quality bonding time, and exercise! Your family fun on the pickleball court will also likely encourage others in the neighborhood to join the fun, as pickleball is quintessentially a social sport. Pickleball can also stimulate a little friendly competition among family members.

As the saying goes, families that play together, stay together! Especially, when they play pickleball together!

Do you play pickleball with your family members? Share with us in the comments below!





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