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A Pickleball GIF Is Worth a Thousand Words

News Stacie Townsend 06-12-2023

A GIF is a short, looping animation that showcases a specific moment or sequence. GIFs are designed to be visually engaging and easily shareable, capturing the excitement of a moment. And, now GIFs are hitting the pickleball court.

The Association of Pickleball Players (APP) launched the first-ever series of pro pickleball GIFs on GIPHY that feature a number of pro players on the 2023 APP Tour (including Simone Jardim, Parris Todd, Hunter and Yates Johnson, and Andrei Daescu, among others). These pickleball GIFs provide a visual snippet of common reactions and expressions on the pickleball court, allowing pickleball players to spark conversations within the pickleball community, as well as to engage with the pros in new ways.

If you have not seen or used a GIF (sometimes pronounced “JIF”), or if you are searching for pickleball GIFs, then head over to GIPHY for a quick and entertaining way to connect with the sport you love. To access these pro pickleball GIFs via GIPHY, search keywords such as “pickleball”, “APP”, or “APP Tour”, or the individual pro players’ names.

These captivating pickleball GIFs may just become your next conversation starter (or conversation “mic drop”), as they are a fun, expressive, and engaging way to share the sport of pickleball even off the court.





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