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4 Tips to Win at the “Cat and Mouse” Game in Singles Pickleball

News Stacie Townsend 08-07-2023

In singles pickleball, the “cat and mouse” game refers to the strategic maneuvering between two players near the Non-Volley Zone or Kitchen line. The goal of the “cat and mouse” game in singles pickleball is to force your opponent into a disadvantageous position and create opportunities for an offensive shot. Both you and your opponent will be “dancing” back and forth along the Kitchen line until one of you “pulls the trigger” and goes on the offensive.

Next time you find yourself in a “cat and mouse” game while playing singles pickleball, try these 4 tips to improve your chances of coming out on top:

  1. Use Your Wrist to Disguise Angled Shots: Employ your wrist to disguise your shots, especially when hitting angled shots at the Kitchen line. By doing so, you prevent revealing your intentions too early, making it harder for your opponent to anticipate your shot direction based on the face of your paddle. This element of surprise can catch your opponent off-guard and give you the upper hand in singles pickleball. 
  1. Avoid Crossing Your Feet at the Kitchen Line: When moving laterally along the Non-Volley Zone line, make sure not to cross your feet. This footwork technique ensures better balance and agility, allowing you to respond quickly to your opponent’s shots and maintain a solid defensive stance.
  1. Utilize Top or Side Spin: To add pace and control to your shots, utilize top or side spin on the pickleball. The spin can influence the trajectory and bounce of the pickleball, making it more challenging for your opponent to handle your shots on the pickleball court. It can also create more favorable angles, allowing you to dictate the direction of play.
  1. Incorporate Body Shots: While singles pickleball players often focus on covering shots to their sides, incorporating body shots can be an effective tactic to catch your opponent off guard. Hitting shots towards your opponent’s body forces them to adjust quickly and may lead to errors or weak returns. By using this singles pickleball strategy, you can exploit openings in your opponent’s defense and keep them on their toes.

By incorporating these tips into your singles pickleball game, you can enhance your “cat and mouse” strategy, become more unpredictable, and increase your chances of winning points on the pickleball court. Remember to practice these techniques regularly to improve your execution and overall performance in singles pickleball


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