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Never Hit The Same Dink Twice

Quick Tips Stacie Townsend 03-21-2022

Dinks are not only crosscourt, middle, and straight-on on the pickleball court. Dinks have different spins, speeds, depths, angles, heights off of the bounce, and placement on the court. So, never hitting the same dink twice is actually easier than you think. For instance, you could hit ten crosscourt dinks, but with different depths (maybe one is short by the net, while others are deep into your opponent’s feet), spins (slice or topspin), speeds (one with pace and one off-speed), etc.

Be creative when you are at the Non-Volley Zone line. Mix up your dinks and remain unpredictable on the pickleball court. The more unpredictable you can be, the more you will catch your opponents off guard and confused. So, never hit the same dink twice!


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