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Neutralizing Spin

Quick Tips Stacie Townsend 01-09-2023

Imagine you are playing against someone with a lot of spin. For instance, a player that loves the slice or chip backhand return of serve or the inside out drive or volley. To overcome a shot with tough spin, consider returning the pickleball with a flat shot. In other words, do not try to spin a spinning pickleball back to your opponent. Strike the pickleball squarely and drive flat through the pickleball.

One practice tip is, if you are struggling to hit a third shot drop off of a spinning return of serve, try driving the third shot and dropping the fifth shot. This may help you neutralize a spinning return of serve because your opponents will probably (and hopefully) hit a flatter (in other words, less spinny) fourth shot to you after blocking your third shot drive. This would then set up an easier fifth shot drop for you and your partner.


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